Whats Cooking at Saba?

Last week’s big news was SuccessFactors joining the SAP mother ship. It wasn’t long ago when SuccessFactors acquired Plateau, thereby announcing its presence in the enterprise learning space. There are interesting possibilities for SuccessFactors notwithstanding the painful integration challenges ahead. So what’s happening at Saba?

Today, Bobby Yazdani, CEO of Saba, gave a talk on Saba People Cloud.  According to Bobby, People Cloud is designed to help organizations implement what he calls a “transformative workplace”. Cutting through the jargon, all it means is that Saba will be unveiling a unified platform for talent management, learning management, social networking, and enterprise collaboration. The key idea behind this platform is that content is indexed around people profiles rather than the other way around which is how information is organized in traditional platforms like SharePoint. Clearly, Saba is not burdened with the integration challenges faced by SuccessFactors. However, they have been relatively late to the SaaS party and I believe are catching up with the likes of Cornerstone OnDemand.

Bobby highlighted some key drivers behind Saba’s initiative.

  • The notion of top down talent and learning management is at risk and they will cease to exist in 4 to 5 years’ time.
  • Email and voicemail will become history and collaboration platforms will rule the future.
  • Information centric management, as seen in large companies, will no longer deliver competitive advantages. People and ideas are the key.
  • The “new workplace” is an always-on, trusted workplace and is both global (by enabling collaboration between dispersed teams) and local (by encouraging localized approaches to solving problems). Boundaries between partners, customers, and employees will cease to exist in this new workplace and functional silos will be replaced by fluid cross-functional teams.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


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