Pursue Growth and Learning

If you are stuck in an airplane and are on a diet of peanuts and orange juice, it can feel quite miserable. But reading a book like Delivering Happiness – A path of profits, passion, and purpose by Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos, makes you forget your misery and thoroughly enjoy the ride.

I am reproducing excerpts from this book about one of the core values of Zappos – Pursue Growth and Learning.

At Zappos, we think its important for employees to grow both personally and professionally. It’s important to constantly challenge and stretch yourself, and not be stuck in a job where you don’t feel like you are growing or learning.

We believe that inside every employee is more potential than even the employee himself/herself realizes. Our goal is to help employees unlock that potential. But it has to be a joint effort: You have to want to challenge and stretch yourself in order for it to happen.

Ask yourself: How do you grow personally? How do you grow professionally? Are you a better person today than you were yesterday? How do you get your co-workers and direct reports to grow personally? How you do you get your co-workers and direct reports to grow professionally? How do you challenge and stretch yourself? Are you learning something everyday? What is your vision for where you want to go? How do you get the company as a whole to grow? Are you doing everything you can to promote company growth, and at the same time are you helping others understand the growth? Do you understand the company vision?

Enjoy the wacky video from Zappos!

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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