Impressions from the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo

I had a fantastic three days at the 2012 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo at Orlando, Florida. The joy of meeting so many learning professionals and opportunity to listen to though leaders made the long trip from California worthwhile. Here are some key observations from the trip:

  1. We had a fabulous keynote talk by John Maeda, President, Rhode Island School of design. He spoke about the art of leadership and learning and took us through an engrossing journey on his own discoveries as he was thrust into the leadership position at the Rhode Island School of Design from being a lone wolf as professor at the MIT. Check out his talk from TED
  1. We also had a though provoking closing session from Dr. Sheena Iyengar on the Art of Choosing and how we react to choices and how marketers are leveraging this insight to increase sales. Check out one of her TED sessions.
  1. I did not have the opportunity to attend conference sessions as I was at Sify’s booth at the Expo. We have lots of other vendors exhibiting at the Expo and had the opportunity to visit some of the other booths as well to check out what the market had to offer. Here are some of the take aways:
    1. I found a lot of LMS vendors. There seems to be a glut of LMS options from an enterprise point of view. Even Desire 2 Learn has now started targeting the enterprise market. If you are in the training department of a mid-sized company, tasked with the task of choosing a LMS vendor, good luck to you!
    2. I also encountered a lot of mobile learning applications. My only concern is the preference to a specific platform (aka Apple). Managing diverse mobile platforms is a headache. Products like Anywhere Learner Mobile are the way forward. Hopefully, HTML5 will rescue all of us from the clutches of the platform.
    3. We also had some innovative and niche solution vendors such as TheraSim and Panopto. TheraSim has invested in building a powerful business simulation engine for training physicians. They are also working to build a simulation that will assist pharma R&D teams manage clinical trial process. Panopto has built an innovative video based training solution that is versatile.
    4. I did not see too many participants from the west coast. A clear indication that companies aren’t ready to spend money on travel!

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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