Blast From the Past – Amazing Predictions About the Future of Learning

I want to cite two interesting books that were both published more than 2 decade ago and had managed to predict the future of learning and education with pinpoint accuracy.

The first book is “The Monster Under the Bed” by Stan Davis and Jim Botkin. Here is an extract from the book.

The industrial approach to education has made teachers the actors and students the passive recipients. In contrast, the emerging new model of business-led education takes the market perspective by making students the active players. The active focus will shift from the provider to the user, from educators to the learners, and the educating act will reside increasingly in the active learner, rather than the teacher-manager. In the new learning marketplace, customers, employees, and students are all active learners, or even more accurately, interactive learners.

The second book is “The Experience Economy” by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore. The authors quote Judith Rodin, the seventh president of the University of Pennsylvania, delivering her inaugural address in 1994 – “We will design a new Penn undergraduate experience. It will involve not only curriculum, but new types of housing, student services, and mentoring, to create a seamless experience between the classroom and the residence, from the playing field to the laboratory.

In both the cases, the authors have proclaimed the need to take learning and teaching outside the classroom. Notice how schools are trying to become more business like. They are now starting to consider as lifelong customers. Technology and social media tools have made learning interactive and self-driven. Learning is no longer confined to the classrooms.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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