On-Demand Learning Through Siri?

Last week, I had conversation with Allen Dunkle, CLO of  TriZetto, the largest IT services and processor of healthcare claims in the US. Allen articulated his vision for TriZetto and how advanced learning solutions can potentially become a game-changer for TriZetto. Allen’s vision encompasses various strategies such as virtual worlds based training for collaborative learning, optimized learning organization with focus on shared services that augments specialized training groups attached to various business divisions, proactive training that is unobtrusive and made available on-demand to aid performance. He envisions TriZetto employees to be able to use applications like Siri to ask questions like, “How does our product Y compare with that of our competitor’s?”. In response, Siri should be able to not only bring up a presentation but also suggest a quick training module on “selling strategies for product Y”.

Speech recognition software could be a boon for field employees that need contextual information to handle customer meetings or customer service tasks. For Siri to work as a delivery channel for on-demand learning information, the back-end learning infrastructure needs a radical overhaul. The CIO organization needs to work in tandem with the CLO team to build a truly modular and open learning infrastructure encompassing the LMS, knowledge management systems, talent management systems, and even enterprise intranets running on platforms like Sharepoint.

Say command: How speech recognition will change the world is an enlightening article by Andrew Nusca. If you interested in learning more about the how speech recognition software like Siri works and what companies are doing in the realm of speech recognition and its applications (Warning: This article is 1-year-old already).

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One comment on “On-Demand Learning Through Siri?
  1. […] on the possibility of using Siri as a learning delivery channel for the enterprise. Check it out here. As if on cue, MIT Technology Review published a new article on IBM banning Siri for security […]

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