Social Learning Experiences Tamed with Tappestry

I don’t have to explain how big social media has become. Everybody and their grandmother is using Facebook. We even have Dogs that come with their own Twitter handle. While the biggest use of this social media revolution has been what I call “passive gawking” and “rubbernecking“, there are some side benefits. Some of us (that doesn’t include me) discovered we learn a lot of  things from our peers through social media and there are several social learning platforms that enterprises use to allow for employees to connect in unstructured and informal ways.

We are seeing a new wave of products and platforms coming up that provides for a structure to deliver informal learning (what an irony!). One such product is Tappestry. It’s an amalgamation of Facebook, Quora, and Twitter. Like the Avengers movie, you need all the superheroes  working together to tame the villain and the villain in this case is a business opportunity!

Jim Ferolo, Float Mobile

I had the opportunity to meet Jim Ferolo of Float, one of the key people behind Tappestry. Jim showed me a glimpse of the app. The app comes with an interface that is pretty unique and packages the learning experience in a completely new box. At first, the colorful tapestry interface is intimidating. However, once you start exploring specific topics by clicking on a colored tile, it becomes pretty easy to use. Jim even gave me a sneak preview of an improved interface (that’s not yet released) that allowed the user to view tiles based on parameters like time frame. So what does the app do? Think of Tappestry as a Twitter feed of all things you learn during the course of your day. You can create these feeds yourself or read feeds from others. All these learning feeds are categorized into topics (like Quora) which then become a part of the colorful tapestry.  Of course there is the obligatory rating and comments features that you can expect to see in such apps. You can check out their YouTube video below.

And BTW, Tappestry has also adopted the Tin Can API. If you wondering what a Tin Can is, you can find the answer here.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


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