Learning On The Move – Aberdeen Report

Thanks to NetDimensions, I had a chance to read the Jan 2012 Aberdeen report on mobile learning. The report has unearthed useful insights that will help enterprises keep pace with the changes in the way employees learn as a result of the explosive growth in mobile devices. Here are some key extracts from the report.

1. Learning came a close second to Talent Acquisition as the key requirement for successful business execution. I have had strange encounters with large Fortune 1000 companies that insist on catering to the learning needs of thousands of employees no major investment in manpower or budgets.

2. The top three Human Capital Management (HCM) activities where mobile learning tools are used include – a. Internal Online Communities, b. Informal Learning, and c. Formal Learning. In addition, the survey data shows that 40% of best  in class organizations use mobile tools for learning, talent management, while only 11% of other organizations seem to use mobile learning. The four fold difference in usage only strengthens the case for mobile learning tools (among other factors).

3. 96% of respondents say their mobile learning tools are aimed at employees, 39% say mobile learning is available for customers and 35% say partners have access to mobile learning. I believe making mobile learning available to the extended enterprise (in addition to customers and employees) will become a source of competitive advantage and open up new revenue opportunities for the learning content.

4. Not surprisingly, a significant majority of the content delivered as mobile learning is in the form of documents and presentations. The biggest challenge when making content available on mobile devices is the complication associated with multiple platforms and device types (Tablets Vs Smartphones). I believe enterprises should have a strategy for handling content publishing and devices.

5. And finally, in response to a question about the barriers to implementing mobile HCM, companies cited insufficient budgets, lack of a compelling use case, concerns about security,  and insufficient technology infrastructure to support mobile learning.

You can read the report here.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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