Enterprise Social Learning – Poised for Growth

The Enterprise Social Learning Space has come out of the closet. The big boys are paying attention to this domain as we saw Microsoft acquiring Yammer last month for $1.2 Billion and Oracle and Salesforce.com have also jumped into the fray with the acquisition of Vitrue (for $300 Million) and Buddy Media (for $689 Million) respectively.

While the spotlight was on Yammer, you might have missed the developments at Socialtext. I received this message from Michael Idinopulos, GM & Chief Customer Officer at Socialtext (it was a mass mailer to all users). According to Idinopulos, “It’s an exciting time! The capital markets are validating enterprise social in a big way. Socialtext has received a strategic investment from Bedford Funding. Our deployments are growing by leaps and bounds. Most important, our customers are integrating Socialtext into their core business processes at warp speed.” Socialtext will be integrated into Peoplefluent’s (owned by Bedford) Human Capital Management (HCM) Suite, which focuses on offering tools to help companies recruit better.
June also saw Jive’s stock go up on the possibility of an acquisition. SAP is already in the game with Jambok that came into the SAP orbit through SuccessFactors. We also have players like Saba touting their social learning platforms.
There is no dearth of action in the enterprise social learning space. There are vast swaths of industries that remain out of bounds for enterprise social learning tools because of regulatory and legal hurdles. The real winner in this race will be the one that can address challenges pertaining to security and control. Its a strange conclusion considering the product category!
Srinivas Krishnaswamy

I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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