Valentine’s Day Resolution for eLearning

Today is Valentine’s Day and as you might have guessed, this post had to be about love!

backgrounds,hearts,iCLIPART,love,romances,Valentine's DayHow often do we hear “I loved the way this eLearning has come up” or “I love the way content is packaged” or “I can’t wait to check out the next course.” I am pretty sure it’s hardly the case. In a majority of organizations (no, I did not do any formal survey. But, I am pretty confident about my sweeping statement), there is no real joy in creating content and absolutely no fun in sitting through page after page of glorified PowerPoint presentations. Let’s look at some strategies to bring back some love into your eLearning:

1. The moment you create eLearning for the sake of checking a box or because every other company is doing it, it’s no longer meaningful. Look at eLearning as a solution to a problem and not as a trinket to add to your training portfolio.

2. Why did you like the last book you read? or why did you cry or laugh at the movie that you thoroughly enjoyed watching? There could be a million answers, but I am sure it’s also because you were able to relate to it or you were wondering what to expect next. Does your audience relate to your eLearning? Do you have engaging interactivity and visuals to grab attention?

3. A lot of people love to eat good food. Food is always the attraction at any event (be it a wedding or conference),  and sometimes the offer of free food helps to get people attend meetings on time! People love food because it satisfies a basic human need – hunger, satisfies higher order needs like taste or smell, and also presents an opportunity to connect with others and share a truly personal experience with friends, colleagues, and family. But bad food turns people off even if it meets their basic need. Similarly, great eLearning goes above and beyond meeting learning objectives. It has to be packaged in a way that is inviting and it should promote conversation.

4. Who doesn’t like jokes? Humor is such an important element in any communication. Strive to bring in a small dose of humor at relevant places in your eLearning. I am sure the employee going through a compliance course right after lunch time will appreciate it.

5. People like variety and surprises. eLearning is no exception. Don’t fall into the trap of standardization (not the most practical piece of advise!). Constantly explore new ways of packaging content. Have you considered teaser materials and promos before launching eLearning? Ever thought of downloadable podcasts along with your eLearning content? How about a deck of cards to reinforce your eLearning or drive people back to your eLearning content.

Let’s resolve to make people fall in love with eLearning.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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