DevLearn 2013 Expo Roundup

I am back from attending the Expo at DevLearn 2013 and I am exhausted. First of all, getting to the convention center from the hotel lobby takes a lot of effort and by the time I was done visiting the numerous stalls at the Expo, I wanted a massage.

Mobile learning has truly arrived and every vendor is talking about it. BYOD is no longer a concept that needs further explanation. However, based on my own experience with mobile learning, its only the innovators and early adopters that have actually done anything meaningful in this space, all other enterprises have either tried it in a small way or thinking about it. Gamification also seems to be a hot topic based on the number of sessions that focused on this concept.

There were a couple of companies that had something new to talk about other than just mobile learning and gamification. Hapyak has a cloud based solution for making your video interactive. You can use any video from within your enterprise or outside and embed quizzes, links to different parts of the video, documents / job aids, add summaries, and of course analytics on activity and usage. Seems like a simple solution that is useful and easy to use.

Planet People delivers application training courses for SAP. What caught my attention was definitely  not what they provide as a service but their application of technology to facilitate online application training. They have implemented an augmented reality feature that will allow SAP users to point their phone on the SAP screen  to invoke help or downloadable step list for performing a function. Planet People still don’t have any customer (according to their Associate) that has actually purchased this feature (as expected).

Augmented Reality for Application Training

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