Apple iOS 8 – New Possibilities for Mobile Learning!

Last week, I was watching the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference live, online. I was hoping Tim Cook would say, “one more thing…” and was disappointed that there was nothing more than what was already presented 🙂 As we adjust to life without Jobs, it is important to take a look at iOS 8 and the possibilities of leveraging this platform to deliver cutting edge mobile learning experiences.

Here are some preliminary thoughts on this topic.

1. According to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, “98 percent of Fortune 500 companies are already using iOS.” I am sure this is news to L&D departments as well. So if there are any lingering doubts about how mobile learning can be deployed, your L&D department needs to probably look at what other departments are already doing to deliver information to mobile devices.

2. IT Departments will be mighty pleased. Here are some new features that will help you sell the idea of mobile learning to your field force that might be using their personal Apple devices. Ability to remain connected to the company’s VPN (as opposed to connecting on need basis), imposing content filtering to block access to inappropriate content, certificate based single-sign on for enterprise applications (navigate between different systems easily. Example: your LMS and your intranet applications).

3. One more advantage for IT departments is that their ability to control Apple devices remotely is now complete. Users cannot override Mobile Device Management policies that the IT Department chooses to implement.

4. PDFs and eBooks can be directly pushed to Apple devices using MDM tools as opposed to letting users download content when it is available. All your training job aids and documents can be updated on every user’s devices seamlessly.

5. There will be big productivity gains if your target users are on Mac and Apple mobile devices. Calls and messages can be accessed from any device. Example: I can take a call or receive a message sent to my phone through my Mac. That’s cool indeed. There are plenty of other nifty productivity improvements built into iOS8.

6. iOS 8 is supposed to be compatible with all Apple devices that are running iOS 6 and iOS 7. We will know more about this only when we get our hands on iOS 8. I am very curious to see how Safari will treat HTML5 content.

One more thing..

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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One comment on “Apple iOS 8 – New Possibilities for Mobile Learning!
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