The Digital Workplace – Rethinking Enterprise Learning and Development

There is a transformation underway that is changing the business landscape. The concept of “Digital Enterprise” is gaining traction. Enterprises are challenging the traditional ways of doing business and interacting with customers. They have no option. If they don’t reinvent their business, a startup or a competitor will eventually eat their lunch. Take the case of RadioShack. They have threatened to change their game but have not executed on their plans. The rest (along with RadioShack) is history or will soon become history.

Digital Enterprise is not just about gaining expertise in using social media to reach customers / employees, or the ability to leverage Big Data or mobile devices for gaining efficiency and competitive advantage. In fact, Digital Enterprise is not just a CIO problem but a challenge for the entire leadership and employees to change their work culture and mindset.

Enterprise Learning & Development teams now face a new challenge. Its no longer adequate to just implement cloud based LMS or collaboration portal or build more online courses, mobile apps or deliver more classroom training. The real challenge is enabling a “Digital Workplace” for the employee. This calls for a fundamental shift in assumptions and the way Enterprise Learning & Development teams interact with the rest of the organization, including IT teams.

According to NetStrategy JMC, the “Digital Workplace” has three key components – Capabilities, Enablers and Mindset. I have modified their approach to make it relevant for Learning and Development as depicted in the images below.




In summary, Digital Workplace is all about setting the agenda to enable a Digital Enterprise. Enterprise Learning Departments can seize this opportunity to gain prominence within the enterprise by transforming themselves to be more market driven. This I believe is important to stay relevant in the Digital World.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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