Do you know where your Training Dollar is moving?

A recent McKinsey report titled, “Building capabilities for performance“, sheds some interesting light on how training is used as a tool to build capabilities within the company and the best practices around capability development. The report was created based on a survey that included over 1400 companies worldwide.

One of the interesting findings that mirrors my own personal experience is that there seems to be a decisive shift in where the training Dollar is moving. Just look at this chart below.


As you can see, more and more companies are basing their decisions on which capabilities to build on “customer demand” and “strategic importance”. In other words, capabilities within the organization that directly impact customer experiences and the ability for a company to capture business in the future receives the most importance. This once again proves my earlier assertion that training and business results should go hand in hand.

If you are still not convinced, look at the following chart that shows how the training budget is spent and how the spend pattern is shifting. Clearly, customer facing roles or frontline employees get the most resources for learning and skill development. That’s exactly where the training Dollar is moving.


Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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