How can Training Departments Leverage Apple Watch

Now that Apple Watch is available and ready to takeover the market (no pun intended!), lets look at five ways in which training departments can leverage Apple Watch to support employees. WARNING – Hold on to your chair or buckle up if you choose to continue reading.

1. Employees can use Apple Watch to keep tabs on action items or create new action items using voice commands through Siri. Action items can include best practices, tips, insights or even announcements that might be relevant for the team. Example, sales teams on the field can receive action items pertaining to typical customer queries or best ways to address such queries.

2. LMS course completion reminders can be streamed direct to the wrist. The concept of “slap on the wrist” has just made a quantum leap. Alas, there is no getting away from course completion follow-ups!

Apple Watch Training Reminder

3. Correlating performance to physiology is an exciting topic to consider exploring with Apple Watch. What if we start monitoring the heart rate and activity levels of employees in certain roles such as sales and then find correlation between this data and performance metrics? Just imagine the heat this idea will create!

4. Apps like the Salesforce App for Apple Watch provide a quick glimpse of sales opportunities. Additional features like access to key product summaries, customer contact history can provide useful insights to the sales team.


5. Apple Watch has the ability to track your location. We can build apps that provide contextual performance support or tips for employees working in large installations (The Boeing Everett facility comes to my mind).

Had a lot of fun writing this blog post 🙂

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


I love to read and share thoughts on technology, enterprise learning, mobile and any thing cool that impacts enterprises.

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3 comments on “How can Training Departments Leverage Apple Watch
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