Wearable Devices in Healthcare Industry

Here is a great infographics on the growing usage of wearable devices in the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is seeing a spate of new entrants and most of these new entrants are traditionally not considered to be a part of the healthcare business! Probably Apple Watch (in maybe its third iteration) could potentially be a big player in the healthcare industry, dislodging the likes of Fitbit, and other specialized wearable devices.

According to Information Week, “Use of health-oriented wearables will almost triple between 2014 and 2018, according to Juniper Research. Yet Gartner says shipments of wearable electronic devices for fitness will decline to 68.1 million units in 2015 from 70 million in 2014. Sales will rebound in 2016 as people buy other devices to do similar jobs, spending money on smart watches, smart wristbands, and related fitness devices, the research firm predicted. No matter what they’re called, some of these devices are getting smarter about motivating healthy behavior, bringing new capabilities to wearers, or providing useful medical insight.

Infographics on Wearables in Healthcare Industry

Srinivas Krishnaswamy


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