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“The ability to learn faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”, Peter Senge, The Fifth Discipline.

For many of us in the corporate world, eLearning conjures up dreadful images of “unsolicited” email reminders from HR demanding that you complete the online training course by end of this week. A majority of us go through the motions and are happy to keep HR at bay. We believe there is a better way. Any thing that is imposed doesn’t really gain acceptance. eLearning can be designed to be a seamless part of our work and can serve as a handy tool chest that magically appears to help us get our jobs done. This blog is my quest to share our discoveries and learning on better eLearning.

I work as Director – Sales for Sify eLearning and this blog is certainly not  intended to promote my company. However, I draw upon the everyday experiences I have interacting with Sify Associates, Partners and Customers that might be relevant for my posts. I am also a founding volunteer at Aram Sei, a nonprofit organization supporting grassroots charities worldwide.

I will be happy to post articles from anybody interested in learning and related technology for enterprises. The only thing I ask for is a genuine interest in sharing new ideas or best practices. Nobody likes to be sold to, and I don’t either (yup, this is coming from a sales guy). If you have a question or interest in contributing to this blog, please write to  learningpilgrims(at)gmaildotcom.

Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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