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How Google Glass Can Impact Education

If you are wondering if Google Glass can ever make the jump from the “nerd” tag into the mass market, here is an inspirational infographic. Srinivas Krishnaswamy Advertisements

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Drawing Inspiration from Santa Claus – How Intelligent Algorithms Could revolutionize Learning

This is my last post of the year and I intend to end the year with a prediction (or hope). Read on if you like science fiction (or even otherwise). If you don’t know already, Santa knows if you have

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From Wharton – How Coursera is changing Education

Recently, I decided to embark on a quest to broaden my knowledge on a new topic that is completely unrelated to my job or career. After looking around for short-term courses offered by local universities, I stumbled on to Coursera.

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The Ultimate History of Distance Learning

Inforaphics are God’s gifts to lazy bloggers like me! Here is one more on the evolution of distance learning. Enjoy! View Larger Image and Get the Embed Code to Add This Infographic to Your Site.

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Education Technology Watch – rSmart and Educreations

I was reading The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank last week. This book has interesting insights into the strategy adopted by RedHat to capture the enterprise market in Linux. Before RedHat took up the challenge of taking

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