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Drones and The Cloud – Three Lessons for the Enterprise Learning Function

The Fast Company today published an article on a paper that makes the case for the US Navy to embrace a cloud based IT infrastructure for its vast operations. According to RAND, by 2016 US Navy will reach a tipping

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The Perfect Storm – Enterprise Training Function Under Siege

The enterprise training function is under threat. If you are a corporate training professional catering to the training needs of employees through classrooms, online webinars, and eLearning, your world has completely changed in the last 10 years or so. Here

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Calling Turkey a Turkey – Impact of Culture on Training

As companies grapple with the challenges of delivering training to a culturally and ethnically diverse employee base, many a times, cultural nuances are sacrificed at the altar of standardization. While there are plenty of success stories of how multinational companies run their

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Learning from my trip to India

I am currently in Chennai, India on a trip to see Sify eLearning team in action. While it is great to meet the people behind some of the wonderful work I have had the pleasure of demonstrating to customers, it’s been

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