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Learning from the Failure Cycle

This post is in continuation to my earlier post on the topic of failure and how to come out of it better. Check out this interview with the author of The Other “F” Word: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs

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Learning from Failure – It’s Not Easy!

Last year Harvard Business Review published a summary of a paper titled, ““My Bad!” How Internal Attribution and Ambiguity of Responsibility Affect Learning from Failure“. Here are the conclusions from this paper. Saying “My Bad” is actually good for you We are more

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Customer Experience is also Learner Experience

I am a great admirer of marketing teams in enterprises. They have always been data driven and have always focused on measuring their performance objectively. This skill is in short supply when we look around at the training function in

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Training Healthcare Professionals – eLearning is just as good

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), commissioned Imperial College London to conclusively review all the available scientific research reports in the market to determine if eLearning is a viable means to train undergraduate healthcare professionals to address the acute shortfall

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xAPI in Action – WordPress Integration with a LRS

Here is a video that demonstrates xAPI (Tin Can API) in action. The video shows the integration between a WordPress web application with Learning Locker – a Learning Record Store (LRS). Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Why do we crave visual information?

It seems our brain is wired for visual information. If you don’t agree, just ask the poor souls that are forced to read through boring online courses packed with text. Jokes apart, here are 13 reasons why our brain craves

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Mapping Customer Moments to Training Needs

In my last post, I highlighted the fact that customer moments could potentially help us rethink training needs. This week I decided to take the same airline passenger example used in the paper published by Gartner and have projected possible training needs

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