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There is nothing funny about WittyParrot

In any business context and content is the king. But bringing the two together i.e. the right content for the right context, is still a major challenge. Let  me illustrate this problem in the enterprise learning and development domain. Take

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The Digital Workplace – Rethinking Enterprise Learning and Development

There is a transformation underway that is changing the business landscape. The concept of “Digital Enterprise” is gaining traction. Enterprises are challenging the traditional ways of doing business and interacting with customers. They have no option. If they don’t reinvent

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The 4 Cs of Collaborative Learning

Check out this infographics on collaborative learning. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Demystifying Mobile Learning

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of presenting a Training Magazine webinar with Lance Dublin and my colleague at Sify, Shailesh Joshi. This webinar was aimed at providing clarity on how to go about building mobile learning solutions for

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Enterprise Social Collaboration – Success Stories from McKinsey

In an article titled “Building a Social Enterprise” published in November 2013, Michael Chui, Martin Dewhurst, and Lindsay Pollak of McKinsey provide an outline of principles that should guide the implementation of social technologies within the enterprise along with brief

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App Store Model for Enterprise Training

Earlier this year, Apple celebrated 5 years of the App Store. We all know how App Store changed the face of the mobile industry and has now spawned countless successful app companies ranging from silly to clever and catering to

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5 Steps for a Successful Enterprise Social Collaboration Project

Here is a checklist of all the key points you need to address when implementing a social collaboration project for enterprise learning. 1. Do it for the right reason: Some real reasons could be – connect people across departments /

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