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The Digital Workplace – Rethinking Enterprise Learning and Development

There is a transformation underway that is changing the business landscape. The concept of “Digital Enterprise” is gaining traction. Enterprises are challenging the traditional ways of doing business and interacting with customers. They have no option. If they don’t reinvent

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App Store Model for Enterprise Training

Earlier this year, Apple celebrated 5 years of the App Store. We all know how App Store changed the face of the mobile industry and has now spawned countless successful app companies ranging from silly to clever and catering to

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The Sharing Economy and Its Implication for Training

The Fast Company had published an article titled “The Sharing Economy” early last year. The article was about how the Internet is revolutionizing the way people consume products and services. Just as we saw cloud computing take the center stage

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Enterprise Crowdsourced Learning – The Next New Frontier?

Enterprise social media has definitely caught on in terms of adoption. It’s no longer a fancy concept discussed in the confines of conferences. However, the concept of learning through crowdsourcing, aka crowdsourced learning has blurred the boundaries between crowdsourcing and

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Crowdsourcing: Learning from Birds

Nature is mysterious and a lot needs to be learnt from things we take for granted. One of the most amazing sights we could ever come across is a phenomenon when Starlings do a mass ballet. Commonly called a murmuation

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