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Mapping Customer Moments to Training Needs

In my last post, I highlighted the fact that customer moments could potentially help us rethink training needs. This week I decided to take the same airline passenger example used in the paper published by Gartner and have projected possible training needs

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Project Pigeon – Applying Behaviorism For Guided Bombs

I never knew the concept of Behaviorism could have far-reaching applications. The training industry uses behaviorism as a key instructional design model. B.F Skinner’s Operant Conditioning is widely used in creating learning content that reinforces desired behavior through positive and

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Enterprise Learning: Stuck in a Time Warp

Thanks to my colleague, Honey Dave, I am reading Learning in 3D, by Karl Kapp & Tony O’Driscoll. The book is about leveraging virtual worlds for learning in the enterprise. The authors make an interesting observation in the first chapter

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Should we have the “Affordable Education Act” by 2020?

“How will News Corp’s new Ed Tech business Amplify Education” appeared in GigaOm earlier this week. And many other sites and newspapers have  given prominent coverage on this new company formed by News Corp in partnership with AT&T. Apparently, Amplify

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Four Strategies to Turbocharge Your eLearning

I am one of those people who sleep walked through college and I have ended-up with a survivor’s guilt. Did I actually deserve to graduate? What would I have done if I had actually paid attention to what was being

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The Training Department is Dead – A Blue Print for Reinventing the Training Department.

Personally, training conjures up memories of my unsuccessful attempts at training my pet dog fetch a ball. Back in 1987, I did not have the luxury of taking my pet to a professional dog trainer and so I tried several

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Four Steps to a Successful eLearning Program Implementation – Part II

This is the second part of my recent post. You can read part I here. Once the objectives are clearly defined, expectations are understood, communication channels have been established with the learners, there are two other important steps to be

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