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The Promise of Microsoft HoloLens in the Enterprise

One of the technologies I am keeping a close eye on is Microsoft HoloLens. After the spectacular failure of Virtual Worlds (remember the Second Life hype in around 2005?) and the premature demise of Google Glass (at the first version),

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Wearables in the Enterprise – A Summary Report

Move over BYOD, its BYOW time! Well, marketing folks never give us a dull moment and thanks to Apple Watch, Bring Your Own Wearable (BYOW) is now the in-thing to worry about for the CIO and the CLO. Here are

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Sify at mLearnCon 2014, San Diego, June 24-26, 2014

It’s all coming down at mLearnCon 2014! When it comes to mobile and tablets for learning and development, the future is here already. Join Sify and other hot companies in the Mobile Learning & Performance Support space at mLearnCon 2014.

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DevLearn 2013 Expo Roundup

I am back from attending the Expo at DevLearn 2013 and I am exhausted. First of all, getting to the convention center from the hotel lobby takes a lot of effort and by the time I was done visiting the

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Augmented Reality Based Performance Support for Enterprises

With Tablets and Smartphones taking a prime spot in an average employee’s workday, there are growing applications for using interactive mobile applications integrated with contextual augmented reality features to provide some really cool performance support applications. Here are a couple

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Shopping Revolution – Powered by NFC and Augmented Reality

According to IHS, worldwide shipment of mobile phones with Near Field Communication (NFC) features is expected to be around 214 Million by 2014. Another technology that has already caught on is augmented reality (AR). Many of us are already using

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What’s Cooking in the Augmented Reality Space?

I stumbled upon Vuforia, Qualcomm’s Augmented Reality (AR)¬†platform and was pleased to note that big guns like Qualcomm are behind the adoption of this technology. Qualcomm is a R&D powerhouse in the mobile industry and their involvement in Augmented Reality

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