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Emerging Training Challenges in the Banking Industry

The banking industry is going through a major transformation. According to EY Global Banking Outlook 2014-15, the banking industry is being impacted by increasing regulatory pressures, changes in customer expectation and preferences, new technology and applications, disruptive competitors and adverse

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The Digital Workplace – Rethinking Enterprise Learning and Development

There is a transformation underway that is changing the business landscape. The concept of “Digital Enterprise” is gaining traction. Enterprises are challenging the traditional ways of doing business and interacting with customers. They have no option. If they don’t reinvent

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The Perfect Storm – Enterprise Training Function Under Siege

The enterprise training function is under threat. If you are a corporate training professional catering to the training needs of employees through classrooms, online webinars, and eLearning, your world has completely changed in the last 10 years or so. Here

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Practical Strategies to Measure Training Impact on Business

In my post last week, I was lamenting about the steep fall in training budgets when the economy went through recession and the subsequent growth in training budget that mirrored the recovery phase. The conclusion that I was pointing to

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Four Traits of a Successful CLO

Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) play an important role in sharpening the competitive edge of enterprises. Most large organizations have a well-defined CLO organization and even in cases where is there is no official L&D organization, there is indeed a combination

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Analytics for Human Resource Management in a Social Enterprise

I had a chance to read “Rethinking Analytics for the Social Enterprise“, a whitepaper written by Don Tapscott and Mike Dover, sponsored by SAP. Tapscott and Dover explain some of the use cases of analytics (in the context of Big

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Big Data and The Training Department

We are barely scratching the surface of the potential of leveraging Big Data. Big players like SAP and IBM are already touting the phenomenal explosion in the volume of data generated by enterprises as the next gold mine for extracting

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