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Training Healthcare Professionals – eLearning is just as good

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), commissioned Imperial College London to conclusively review all the available scientific research reports in the market to determine if eLearning is a viable means to train undergraduate healthcare professionals to address the acute shortfall

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The Number 1 Challenge Faced by Training Departments

In my earlier post, i wrote about the 7 key problems that the training industry must address if it were to stay relevant in a changing world. Continuing on the same track, I would like to bring to your attention

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Four Strategies to Turbocharge Your eLearning

I am one of those people who sleep walked through college and I have ended-up with a survivor’s guilt. Did I actually deserve to graduate? What would I have done if I had actually paid attention to what was being

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Blast From the Past – Amazing Predictions About the Future of Learning

I want to cite two interesting books that were both published more than 2 decade ago and had managed to predict the future of learning and education with pinpoint accuracy. The first book is “The Monster Under the Bed” by

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