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Training Healthcare Professionals – eLearning is just as good

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO), commissioned Imperial College London to conclusively review all the available scientific research reports in the market to determine if eLearning is a viable means to train undergraduate healthcare professionals to address the acute shortfall

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The Anatomy of a Failed eLearning Project

I put together a poster that distills all the key causes and symptoms of a failed eLearning project. Here you go… Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Scaling eLearning Content Development Function

I had the opportunity to share experiences around helping customers scale their eLearning development function through a webinar sponsored by Saba. Here is a copy of the presentation. Scaling eLearning Content Development Function from Srinivas Krishnaswamy Srinivas Krishnaswamy    

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The Perfect Storm – Enterprise Training Function Under Siege

The enterprise training function is under threat. If you are a corporate training professional catering to the training needs of employees through classrooms, online webinars, and eLearning, your world has completely changed in the last 10 years or so. Here

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eLearning Course Completion Rates – Do They Matter?

Tracking course completion rates through the LMS is one of the most widely used methods to verify if the training content was consumed by employee(s). While this seems logical and necessary, it is high time we take a step back

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eLearning Saves the World!

The title of this post is a complete exaggeration, but any ways, here is an infographic that shows how eLearning is benefiting humanity 🙂 Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Why Should eLearning be Interactive?

Whenever I organize a demo of Sify eLearning’s capabilities, I make it a point to demonstrate the various interaction and instructional design strategies we have built for our customers. Recently, one of the questions from an audience member took me

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