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The Confluence of Enterprise Social Collaboration and Social Media

Off late, we are seeing an emerging trend that could rankle the CIO department that is already under siege from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Cloud applications creeping into the walled gardens of the enterprise. Social Collaboration products are

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Enterprise Social Learning – Poised for Growth

The Enterprise Social Learning Space has come out of the closet. The big boys are paying attention to this domain as we saw Microsoft acquiring Yammer last month for $1.2 Billion and Oracle and have also jumped into the

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Formalizing the Informal Organization Structure

I have been hearing about the utopian organization where small teams of highly empowered and networked super heroes conquer the world. No matter how informal an organization is, I doubt if an organization is capable of truly leveraging the knowledge and contextual information

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Social Learning in Enterprises – A Catalyst for Innovation?

There was an interesting article in The Wired magazine recently on the idea of “clusters of innovation”. Quoting from the article, “Several years ago, statistician David Banks wrote a short paper on what he called the problem of excess genius:

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Barriers to Enterprise Social Learning

The fundamental engine for a successful enterprise-wide Social Learning initiative is the need to make available, tools that will allow employees to easily share information, know-how, and knowledge with others. But just because you implemented Yammer or any other similar

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