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Three L&D predictions that never took off

Generating hype is in itself an industry that keeps many of us gainfully engaged or just engaged. The learning and development industry is no stranger to hype but training departments are inherently averse to hype. This inherent propensity not to

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Gamification is dead, long live Gamification!

Reports about the death of gamification have been greatly exaggerated (I am sorry Mark Twain)! I recently stumbled on an article from Fortune titled “Looks like that whole gamification thing is over“. But very quickly, I realized that the title

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Sify at ASTD 2014, Washington, D.C. May 5th – 7th

  I will be representing Sify at the ASTD 2014 Conference & Expo in Washington, D.C. on May 5th – 7th. You can meet me and my colleagues at booth 721. Stop by our booth at the Expo to learn

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Ideas on Behavior Changes

This week enjoy this video by BJ Fogg who teaches at the Stanford University and also runs the Persuasive Technology Lab, to create insight into how computing products (websites to mobile phone apps) can be designed to change people’s behaviors.

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Three Ways to Derail Your Gamification Project

Knowledge@Wharton has published an excellent article outlining some of the pitfalls that can derail your gamification project. Lets have a brief look at these challenges. Mandatory Fun 🙂 Here is an abstract from “Mandatory Fun – Gamification and the Impact

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Mind-Control And Its Implications for Enterprise Learning

Mind-Control seems like a scary thought and has negative connotations right off the bat. However, mind-control is not something that will happen only in the future nor does it automatically denote sinister plots. Mind-Control is already available and bold innovators

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DevLearn 2013 Expo Roundup

I am back from attending the Expo at DevLearn 2013 and I am exhausted. First of all, getting to the convention center from the hotel lobby takes a lot of effort and by the time I was done visiting the

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