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eLearning Course Completion Rates – Do They Matter?

Tracking course completion rates through the LMS is one of the most widely used methods to verify if the training content was consumed by employee(s). While this seems logical and necessary, it is high time we take a step back

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Ideas on Behavior Changes

This week enjoy this video by BJ Fogg who teaches at the Stanford University and also runs the Persuasive Technology Lab, to create insight into how computing products (websites to mobile phone apps) can be designed to change people’s behaviors.

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Work and Motivation – What Drives Us to Work

Check out this talk by Dan Ariely if you haven’t already read his books. It seems that most of us thrive by making constant progress and feeling a sense of purpose. Need I say more?   Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Enterprise Gamification – Case Study From Autodesk

This update is in continuation with my earlier post. I would like to share an interesting case study from Autodesk on leveraging gamification to change user behavior. We can draw plenty of lessons for applying similar techniques in delivering learning

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The Training Department is Dead – A Blue Print for Reinventing the Training Department.

Personally, training conjures up memories of my unsuccessful attempts at training my pet dog fetch a ball. Back in 1987, I did not have the luxury of taking my pet to a professional dog trainer and so I tried several

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