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How can Training Departments Leverage Apple Watch

Now that Apple Watch is available and ready to takeover the market (no pun intended!), lets look at five ways in which training departments can leverage Apple Watch to support employees. WARNING – Hold on to your chair or buckle

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Augmented Reality Based Performance Support for Surgeons

I had, in my earlier post, highlighted how augmented reality can deliver contextual performance support for enterprise job functions. While all of this sounds great, what’s really cool is when the same technology can be deployed to save lives. PFSK

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Augmented Reality Based Performance Support for Enterprises

With Tablets and Smartphones taking a prime spot in an average employee’s workday, there are growing applications for using interactive mobile applications integrated with contextual augmented reality features to provide some really cool performance support applications. Here are a couple

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Leveraging the Oscars to Increase Cosmetics Sales – A Case Study on Mobile Performance Support

Sify and SVI rolled out the Anywhere Learner Mobile last year. The product delivers “actionable training” and performance support to employees on the ground. Mike Yonker, President of Anywhere Learner Mobile, recently published a guest post on Dr. Allison Rossett’s

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