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Bird’s Eye View – Mobile Apps In-Store

Here is a nice illustration of how mobile applications are being used in-store by customers and associates. Stay tuned for more interesting insights in the coming weeks. BTW, I will be attending DevLearn 2013 next week and hope to share

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Leveraging the Oscars to Increase Cosmetics Sales – A Case Study on Mobile Performance Support

Sify and SVI rolled out the Anywhere Learner Mobile last year. The product delivers “actionable training” and performance support to employees on the ground. Mike Yonker, President of Anywhere Learner Mobile, recently published a guest post on Dr. Allison Rossett’s

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Why Store Associates Matter

Here is an Infographic (via on the role Store Associates play in keeping retail customers happy and coming back for more. Srinivas Krishnaswamy

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Mobile Invasion in Retail Chains – Alive and Growing

RIS published their annual Store Systems Study 2013 report recently. I was curious to find out how investments in in-store mobile technologies was shaping up. After reading the report, It is easy to conclude that mobile is here to stay

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From NPR: Stores Use Mobile To Make Sales On The Spot

I am reproducing snippets from an article that appeared in NPR’s All Tech Considered. No More ‘Clunky’ Cash Registers The women’s shoe department at Nordstrom’s flagship store in Seattle is bustling. Shoppers are trying on everything from stilettos to rain

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Retail Sales Training – Best Practices

Its Thanksgiving here in the US. This means two things – 1. Turkey (poor bird), and 2. Shopping (aka mass hysteria triggered by peer pressure). But that’s good news for retail chains. People have stopped raising turkeys in their backyard,

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Mobility in Retail – Opportunity & Challenges

If you are one of those retailers that is grappling with questions on how to deliver superior customer experience and meet the changing behavior of consumers and employees, mobile is the way to go. Watching from the sidelines only increases

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