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The 4 Cs of Collaborative Learning

Check out this infographics on collaborative learning. Find more education infographics on e-Learning Infographics Srinivas Krishnaswamy Advertisements

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5 Steps for a Successful Enterprise Social Collaboration Project

Here is a checklist of all the key points you need to address when implementing a social collaboration project for enterprise learning. 1. Do it for the right reason: Some real reasons could be – connect people across departments /

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Social Learning Platform for Customer Support – Case Study from McKesson

Social Text organized a webinar recently that showcased how McKesson implemented Social Text for improving their customer support function for the Physicians Practice Solutions Group. The webinar was presented by McKesson’s Tim Kelli, Executive Director of Customer Support. Here are

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Enterprise Social Collaboration: Highlights from McKinsey Study

McKinsey Quarterly recently published an article that quantifies the productivity gains that enterprises can leverage by switching over to social learning and collaboration platforms. The focus of this article was to share results from a study done across four industry

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Social Learning Experiences Tamed with Tappestry

I don’t have to explain how big social media has become. Everybody and their grandmother is using Facebook. We even have Dogs that come with their own Twitter handle. While the biggest use of this social media revolution has been

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Strategies for Measuring Social Learning ROI

The ROI for Social Learning initiatives will depend on the specific context. There are two key dimensions that you would want to measure to come up with the ROI. They are, A. Costs associated with implementing, managing, and maintaining the

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Formalizing the Informal Organization Structure

I have been hearing about the utopian organization where small teams of highly empowered and networked super heroes conquer the world. No matter how informal an organization is, I doubt if an organization is capable of truly leveraging the knowledge and contextual information

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