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Making Content Relevant to the Channel – The Wimbledon App

The challenges associated with┬ámaking eLearning content work seamlessly on mobile devices will eventually be addressed. However, the real value is in creating content that is closely tied to how it is consumed – Desktops, Tablets or Smartphones. Here is a

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Enterprise Mobility – Gearing Up for the Big Bucks

Enterprise Mobility has already cornered the mind-share of the CIO and will eventually be the central focus of any IT Department. This is great news for Mobile Learning initiatives as the drive for supporting mobile devices will allow Learning &

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Tablets Invade the Enterprise

I know the title of this post is cliched but sometimes it is important to reinforce the obvious several times over to bring down pockets of resistance! So, if you haven’t figured out a strategy for using mobile devices for

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Three Ideas to Jump Start Mobile Learning

The demand for mobile apps within the enterprise is pervasive and training departments are already feeling the heat. Employees expect access to online training content from their personal devices. According to Gartner, Two-Thirds of the mobile workforce will own a

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Moving your Online Training from Flash to HTML5: 5 Best Practices

Moving your flash based courses to HTML5? Here are five best practices to keep in mind. 1. Consider incorporating responsive design principles so that your content will work well on devices with different form factors (Smartphones, Tablets). 2. Evaluate browser

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Augmented Reality Based Performance Support for Enterprises

With Tablets and Smartphones taking a prime spot in an average employee’s workday, there are growing applications for using interactive mobile applications integrated with contextual augmented reality features to provide some really cool performance support applications. Here are a couple

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Implication of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for Training Departments

It is astonishing to see how companies are adept in changing their marketing and sales strategies to meet the requirements of the changing consumer tastes, preferences, demographics, and technology. Every major consumer brand, retail chain, and even hospitals have slick

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