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Supermen & Superwomen of the Training Department

The training department is always under siege. In good times, there is a huge workload. In bad times, there is a huge workload! The training department is also possibly the most under rated department in a typical enterprise (This is

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Three Ideas to Jump Start Mobile Learning

The demand for mobile apps within the enterprise is pervasive and training departments are already feeling the heat. Employees expect access to online training content from their personal devices. According to Gartner, Two-Thirds of the mobile workforce will own a

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Four Traits of a Successful CLO

Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) play an important role in sharpening the competitive edge of enterprises. Most large organizations have a well-defined CLO organization and even in cases where is there is no official L&D organization, there is indeed a combination

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Can Training Departments treat Employees as Grown Ups?

There is a fundamental difference between grown ups and children. Children need to be told what is good for them and what is bad. Grown ups are expected to know what is good for them. At least that’s the expectation.

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