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The Promise of Microsoft HoloLens in the Enterprise

One of the technologies I am keeping a close eye on is Microsoft HoloLens. After the spectacular failure of Virtual Worlds (remember the Second Life hype in around 2005?) and the premature demise of Google Glass (at the first version),

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Three L&D predictions that never took off

Generating hype is in itself an industry that keeps many of us gainfully engaged or just engaged. The learning and development industry is no stranger to hype but training departments are inherently averse to hype. This inherent propensity not to

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Framework for Implementing Virtual World based Training

Earlier this month, a group of academicians, from the University of Alberta, published a research article titled “Developing interprofessional health competencies in a virtual world.” This article throws light on the application of the de Freitas and Oliver’s four-dimensional framework

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Dating in Virtual Worlds and its Implications for Learning – Part 2

This is my concluding part of my earlier post on Dan Ariely’s research on online dating. Ariely found that dating in virtual worlds resulted in better chances of a real world date compared to finding a partner through online dating

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Virtual Worlds for Enterprise Learning

Virtual Worlds were poised for mass adoption in early 2000 with Second Life creating a buzz in the marketplace. A number of corporations, like IBM, set up shop in Second Life, and by 2005, a lot of us in the

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