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The Confluence of Enterprise Social Collaboration and Social Media

Off late, we are seeing an emerging trend that could rankle the CIO department that is already under siege from BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Cloud applications creeping into the walled gardens of the enterprise. Social Collaboration products are

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Leveraging Key Influencers using Social Collaboration Platforms

We are so caught up with aligning all feedback systems based on the formal organization structure while remaining blissfully unaware of the changes happening as a result of the information communication lines that develop under the radar. These informal organization

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Strategies for Measuring Social Learning ROI

The ROI for Social Learning initiatives will depend on the specific context. There are two key dimensions that you would want to measure to come up with the ROI. They are, A. Costs associated with implementing, managing, and maintaining the

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Barriers to Enterprise Social Learning

The fundamental engine for a successful enterprise-wide Social Learning initiative is the need to make available, tools that will allow employees to easily share information, know-how, and knowledge with others. But just because you implemented Yammer or any other similar

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Fast Food Strategy for Rapid Learning Content

In a fast paced world, learning content typically have just about the same shelf life as that of a banana. Learning designers and trainers are embracing sophisticated authoring tools to chrun out content quickly. Rapid content development is a necessary strategy for enterprises.

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